Restart and rejuvenate your health with the 30-day Daily Health Habits Challenge and get incredible FREE GIFTS!

The doTERRA medical and health leaders have put together a 30-day challenge with daily habits to promote overall health and wellness. This is a fantastic foundational step for everyone to achieve optimal health at a cellular level! The grō Wellness leadership team is adding to doTERRA's program to offer additional support and free gifts and prizes for our clients' participation. 

 We want to set you up for success in this challenge. So, to get started, you will have three options. You can use items you already own, purchase single products that you need to complete the kit, or purchase the kit as a whole with all of the products included. When you join the challenge we will send you more instructions based on what you need. The products included in the Daily Health Habits Kit are:  

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality® Pack DigestZen TerraZyme DigestZen PB Assist+ Deep Blue Rub doTERRA Balance (5 mL) Frankincense (5 mL) Lavender (5 mL) Lemon (5 mL) doTERRA On Guard (5 mL)

Free oil or product for everyone!

Receive a free doTERRA product or oil just for participating. Either enroll with a Daily Health Habits Challenge kit or use your LRP cart to order a kit and we will send you the free gift! 

Receive another free oil or product when you finish!

All participants who participate via a private Facebook group for the entire 30 day challenge will receive a SECOND free oil or product!

Exclusive nutrition, fitness and essential oil leadership

Participants will receive exclusive attention and additional resources like meal plans and fitness guides from the grō Wellness leadership team

Join doTERRA's official challenge for additional prizes

doTERRA is simultaneously running a corporate daily health habits challenge where you can enter to win HUGE prizes just for participating!

How it works...

Are you excited?! We definitely are! And it's not complicated join the challenge with the grō Wellness team. 

Here's what to do:

First, click the "Join the Challenge!" button that is all over this page. You will be sent to a registration form to fill out so we can determine if you're new or one of our existing customers. 

When we receive your registration form we will send you a welcome email within 24 hours with instructions for getting the Daily Health Habits Challenge kit, or making the necessary purchase to participate. 

The kit for new members is $185 ($246.67 retail) and the one-year membership fee is $35. LRP order requirement for our existing customers is 150-points. The kit is worth 150 points if you want to buy the whole thing, or put your own kit together with the items you need. We will send you directions for purchasing the kit products when you join the challenge. 

You will be invited to a private Facebook group and added to an exclusive email notification list so you can receive all the bonus gifts and resources we are offering as part of the challenge. Don't worry, we try to keep it manageable and fun. You won't have to log into Facebook or send us an email every day. We just want to get a check in now and then with your experiences and progress so we know you're still on track. Our skilled leadership team will always be able to offer the additional health support and direction you may need during the challenge.

A couple quick notes from our grō Wellness leadership team...

Dealing with multiple health issues including auto immune disease in our home, our health changed DRAMATICALLY with the specific products included in the Daily Health Habits Challenge kit and we are THRILLED doTERRA is helping us share this program with the world! 

Michelle and Chris Casteel 

Back to Eden Essentials

The Daily Health Habits Challenge is EXACTLY what we've been looking for to help our clients address their overall wellness. I am so excited to offer all participants in our challenge exclusive leadership with the doTERRA program, but also offer the extra resources our team can exclusively give with nutition and mindful movement. 

Nicole Howard, NTC

Wellness In Motion

This program is PERFECT! We firmly believe in addressing health at a cellular level before we introduce special programs, diets and therapies. Therefore this specific doTERRA program should be the FIRST STEP for EVERYONE interested in rejuvinating their overall health. I know that when participants successfully finish the 30 days, they will have a fresh start for their health that will last a long time. This ain't no overnight pill or short-term results's a lifestyle game changer!

Roz Mignogna, NTP 

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